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a place for bronies to share there gamer tag and form a gaming group for game night

xboxbronies (xboxbronies) group


  1. add me if you play Halo, NHL14, GTA5, Minecraft, Battlefield4. I play those the most GT:CBHellStorm15. sorry before I had forgot to add the numbers

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 04:35:53 UTC from web
  2. !xboxbronies add me my GT is SPIKE THEDRAG0N the 0 is the number

    Sunday, 25-Nov-12 08:05:44 UTC from web
    • !xboxbronies B-baka! It doesn't matter, I'm never on anyway...

      Friday, 16-Nov-12 23:16:23 UTC from web
    • !xboxbronies Yeah what he said!

      Friday, 16-Nov-12 22:52:40 UTC from web
    • !xboxbronies I'm listed under my same name here, xeleanorxrigbyx :)

      Friday, 16-Nov-12 22:51:32 UTC from web
      • !xboxbronies Add me on xbox for frequent chats on Mlp, META1 RIFT (all caps)

        Friday, 16-Nov-12 22:50:47 UTC from web
        • !xbox HALO AWWW YA

          Saturday, 21-Jul-12 20:59:53 UTC from web
          • well im off to play minecraft on xbox. see you all later! !xboxbronies

            Friday, 20-Jul-12 22:48:51 UTC from web
            • !xboxbronies Alright you losers, time to play Xbox.

              Thursday, 19-Jul-12 22:37:23 UTC from web
            • !xbox my gamertag is cadencelover44. add me and we can play minecraft.

              Friday, 13-Jul-12 09:40:02 UTC from web
              • !xbox bronies I want someone to play with tonight, GT is same as user name. Halo, ME3, or BF3. Might possibly be talked into rending MW3 tonight also. Someone hit me up!

                Saturday, 16-Jun-12 00:52:58 UTC from web
              • done first math exam :D !xboxbronies anyone up for some borderlands?

                Wednesday, 13-Jun-12 15:41:11 UTC from web
                • - likes this.
              • Any !xbox bronies play battlefield 3?

                Monday, 28-May-12 01:32:38 UTC from web
              • !mb3 and !xbox :D

                Wednesday, 23-May-12 17:06:05 UTC from web
                • just got minecraft for xbox !xboxbronies add me up

                  Sunday, 13-May-12 00:00:54 UTC from web
                • anypony wanna play Black Ops, I know how to do pony emblems, which is one reason I play this game message me here on RDN. !xboxbronies

                  Sunday, 06-May-12 14:39:14 UTC from web
                  • off to play some cod 4 !xboxbronies care to join me? my gt is MLP Cloudchaser

                    Monday, 30-Apr-12 23:56:23 UTC from web
                    • Hey does anyone want to play some Gears 3? If so my GT is whitefang62. !xboxbronies

                      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 00:11:16 UTC from web

                      Saturday, 28-Apr-12 21:17:36 UTC from web
                      • Anyone want to play MW3, Reach, Black Ops, Gears of War 3? !xboxbronies

                        Thursday, 26-Apr-12 18:45:20 UTC from web
                        • !xbox time for games

                          Tuesday, 24-Apr-12 15:09:08 UTC from web
                          • Gonna buy the darkness two this weekend. !xboxbronies

                            Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 18:57:13 UTC from web
                            • !xboxbronies Anyone up for some Black Ops?

                              Saturday, 14-Apr-12 21:26:54 UTC from web
                              • Anybody online play Xbox Live? !xbox !xboxlive?

                                Saturday, 14-Apr-12 16:10:52 UTC from web
                              • !xbox !xboxlive Anybody who wants to can add me; search for "Triscy".

                                Saturday, 14-Apr-12 15:56:26 UTC from web
                                • !xboxbronies i want to get to know you all better so anypony up for portal 2

                                  Saturday, 14-Apr-12 00:34:57 UTC from web
                                • Yo anyone wanna play xbox if so friend me at: Vinyl Scratch x. !xboxbronies

                                  Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 22:18:51 UTC from web
                                • hey guys, how is it?

                                  Sunday, 08-Apr-12 22:31:05 UTC from web
                                • Hello everypony!

                                  Sunday, 08-Apr-12 22:24:07 UTC from web
                                • up to date pony wall here's the link !ottawabronies and !xboxbronies

                                  Tuesday, 03-Apr-12 01:05:15 UTC from web