J. Caron (rainbowdashed)

  1. !ottawabronies @djmidli Sounds Awesome, sure hope I can come, I'll know later.

    Sunday, 08-Apr-12 20:58:24 UTC from web
  2. !ottawabronies @galaxie500 Wowzers...I am the definition of envy at this moment of time!

    Tuesday, 03-Apr-12 02:52:29 UTC from web in context
  3. !ottawabronies @djmidli That was a great article describing the plentiful positive qualities of any brony community, it makes me happy inside :D @cakewalk Don't make me flippin' hurt you lol.

    Monday, 02-Apr-12 22:14:13 UTC from web
  4. !ottawabronies I only really dislike gen 3.5 because of their Rainbow Dash, really makes you appreciate the pure refined magic Faust has worked. Still no reason to hate though...

    Monday, 02-Apr-12 03:04:28 UTC from web in context
  5. !ottawabronies @cakewalk I'm also looking forward to it coming out...and judging every single thing you said about the fandom 0.o (jokes)

    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 20:42:21 UTC from web in context
  6. !ottawabronies Darn it! I gotta train myself to avoid hitting enter before I'm done...too usd to using it to get another paragraph going. Anyways, lots of people also seem to forget that even though you may not like the older gens (which is fine) it doesn't mean that you can insult the hard work of the VAs, animators, producers etc. who created those older programmes.

    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 20:34:47 UTC from web in context
  7. !ottawabronies As aesthetically unpleasant the older pony models are, some people have done truly amazing things with them (seriously, did you all see that Jack Sparrow one that was on EQD?) and they don't deserve to be discounted as art and the artists don't deserve the hate they're getting.

    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 20:31:48 UTC from web in context
  8. !ottawabronies @baolia Whoops, accidentally hit enter. Anyways, if that doesn't work, and you want the files on the drive, see if you can get it fixed/recovered professionally.

    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 02:10:11 UTC from web
  9. !ottawabronies @baolia It really depends exactly how broken it is, read this : http://www.ehow.com/how_4486864_repair-external-hard-drive.html

    Sunday, 01-Apr-12 02:08:58 UTC from web
  10. !ottawabronies I'd be down for a picnic, and pretty much any one of the locations that has been mentioned is pretty good, Major's hill park would be pretty good because it's easy to get to (though parking for some people might be a hassle) and it's got all kinds of other cool stuff near it.

    Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 02:27:18 UTC from web
  11. !ottawabronies Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

    Sunday, 11-Mar-12 02:06:49 UTC from web
  12. !ottawabronies @steamiestthree0 Welcome! Another new member! I am no longer the newest!

    Saturday, 10-Mar-12 02:04:31 UTC from web
  13. !ottawabronies Does anyone know how to send pms? 0.o

    Wednesday, 07-Mar-12 02:43:56 UTC from web in context
  14. !ottawabronies @coldshoulder Yeah, recently got into the actual modelling, before that I just played all of the Dawn of War games and Space Marine. Your army sounds awesome, but that was my next question, how exactly do you send private messages. Either it is really well hidden or I am an idiot.

    Wednesday, 07-Mar-12 01:45:21 UTC from web in context
  15. !ottawabronies @minti Sure can relate to that.

    Monday, 05-Mar-12 21:42:25 UTC from web
  16. !ottawabronies Yeah, recently found out about this awesome website! (Sooo nice to be welcomed! You don't find that too often on the internet...Can already tell you guys are great!)

    Monday, 05-Mar-12 03:48:43 UTC from web in context
  17. !ottawabronies Can't get to this meet-up, guess I'll have to wait for the next one...Have fun y'all!

    Monday, 05-Mar-12 03:14:14 UTC from web in context