Shining Eyes (makeusayffs)

  1. @makeusayffs Pls watch.

    Wednesday, 11-Dec-13 23:30:07 UTC from web
  2. Hey guys. I'm gonna be doing a horror livestream tonight from 9:00 PM EST to whenever I feel like it! I'm gonna be playing Minecraft, horror games, and reading creepypastas! I can also do requests. BE THERE AT TONIGHT!

    Saturday, 23-Nov-13 15:18:57 UTC from web
  3. @dfox OH MY GOD I KNOW YOU.

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:14:40 UTC from web
  4. @abbaietwinkle I has, I read both chapters this morning. Its pretty good so far. Can't wait for chapter 3. :D

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 01:13:09 UTC from web in context
  5. Yay!

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 00:51:08 UTC from web
  6. @makeusayffs (wow, I'm an idiot, I didn't know how to reply. xD)

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 00:44:32 UTC from web in context
  7. I never thought I would've been welcomed by these...things that speak my language in the few seconds I've been here.

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 00:41:14 UTC from web in context
  8. Hello...

    Thursday, 21-Nov-13 00:37:02 UTC from web in context


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