Nintenbrony (nintenbrony)

  1. Hello everypony, I know !nintenbronyforums has not used their Rainbow Dash Network blog in a while, so I will announce our big surprise. We were featured on Equestria Daily about a month ago, and got a lot of bronies to join! Here's the article

    Tuesday, 20-Mar-12 20:11:35 UTC from web
  2. Hey everypony, !nintenbronyforums has made a banner in honor of Derpy Hooves. come and see!

    Sunday, 26-Feb-12 22:58:04 UTC from web
  3. Hey everypony, !nintenbrony forums has posted an announcement about a Derpy Hooves petition. Link is in the announcement.

    Sunday, 26-Feb-12 20:59:41 UTC from web
  4. @axelgunn thanks for joining the Nintenbrony Forum group! /)

    Wednesday, 22-Feb-12 19:42:49 UTC from web
  5. Hey everypony! !nintenbronyforums has posted a new announcement about the forum updates! They are about our forum ranking, moderators, and our featured group on Rainbow Dash Network. Enjoy!

    Saturday, 18-Feb-12 20:56:47 UTC from web
  6. I see they got rid of the !daringdo network name now! When she comes back in a future episode, rename it for the week!

    Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 11:16:29 UTC from web
  7. Hello everypony! !nintenbronyforums decided to reschedule the Mario Kart Wii get together for another time. Due to more people having Super Smash Brothers Brawl, we will be planning a get together for that! Join, register, and share your FC on the thread if you're interested!

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 02:16:35 UTC from web
  8. Hey, !nintenbronyforums is planning a get together for Mario Kart Wii this weekend. If you want to join, register and share your FC!

    Friday, 10-Feb-12 14:48:13 UTC from web