nooooooooo (noooooooo)

  1. No matter what I do. I AM ALWAYS IN THE WRONG

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 19:01:39 UTC from web
  2. grape me for wanting people to understand or care

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 19:01:10 UTC from web in context
  3. apple me for wanting anything to go well

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 19:00:59 UTC from web
  4. @oracle grape me for wanting justice, I guess

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 19:00:46 UTC from web in context
  5. @oracle Because I wanted to use a site? I wanted others to be able to use a site? These people complain that people are leaving their site?

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 18:58:46 UTC from web in context
  6. Ponycrush just bans people for no reason.

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 17:13:32 UTC from web in context
  7. CA sucks

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 16:07:50 UTC from web
  8. @awesam17 I just wish the squares was still up ._.

    Saturday, 27-Oct-18 14:44:34 UTC from web in context
  9. yeah no, I'm just going to melt into the one wants to talk to me anyway...I'm probably just awkward and annoying.

    Wednesday, 19-Sep-18 16:11:51 UTC from web in context
  10. wish this site looked more like ponysquare/bronysquare.

    Friday, 14-Sep-18 13:59:17 UTC from web
  11. Tired

    Tuesday, 08-May-18 19:02:22 UTC from web

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