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  1. Today, I went to Toys R Us, went pony hunting, looking for wave four, didn't find any. I did however, see a little girl, about four, excitedly grab a Fluttershy, show her dad, who asked 'Is that what you want?'. Her response was to exclaim 'Yeah!'. Seeing her get really excited about her new Fluttershy made me happy. In a way, it makes me envious. too. Her unbridled enthusiasm, able to grab a pony, show your parents, brimming with excitement about your new toy, and it's okay, acceptable. I imagine her with her friends, handing off each others ponies, brushing their manes, talking about the show, all with the enthusiasm of young girls. I'd like to be in her position. #

    Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 05:00:34 UTC from web