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  • Luna. bobo Luna. Jackson, Michigan


  • delmyromeiser delmyromeiser delmyromeiser
    • Neo Beats n30 Neo Beats Canterlot, Equestria

      HEY! Do to me being stupid, and getting into stuff that I shouldn't get into, I have.... Um became a mare.... with everything included.... ._. I'm eager go to the spa now.... Hey I'm Neo but my stage name N30, I am a dj, all you need to know. I grew up in Manehatten before moving to Canterlot and becoming a DJ, and that's where I met Ink spell <3, my soon to be wife. Sleepy <3 is my older Sister, and Melody is my younger Sister. Scoots, and Electro Light are my little brothers. Limitless is my father. My sissy Sleepy Was my best friend as a child and it remands to this day <3 Hey to all my loyal fans out there, THANKS FOR COMING TO MY SHOWS :3 and to my Son Icy Chill... Dear gawd you are a let down to the family name (ﺧ益ﺨ) Some of my favorite stuff to do is, draw, make music and hang out with my friends... I also like learning different langs then talking in then to others so far I'm up to 4 different langs... my 2 favorite shows are My little pony and Soul eater :3 it is so much gusta I love to RP and stuff. I would do any RP you ask me to do, i am a very good Rper. if you want to find me on steam, you could join my group, DoubleRainbowSyndrome, you can reach me there, if i'm not on here.

    • Rey Reyes cobaltduskbrony Rey Reyes United States

      I'm a 16 yr old Colt with a huge obsession for everything Pinkie Pie [She's Best Pony in my opinion] I'm also a gamer on xbox so if you want to play send me an invite sometime [My GamerTag is CobaltDuskBrony as well] I've been a Brony since April 2011 and I've never looked back! Also I hope to make some cool Brony friends that are 20% cooler than my non-Brony friends XD

    • Christopher John Taylor christhebrony Christopher John Taylor Canada

      Hmm, I am a Brony.. (Obviously) I love Fluttershy.. Uhh... My faveorite background ponys is Derpy and Lyra.. Uhh I am Canadian, eh.. Uhh... Stuff..? :33

    • Avery averys Avery

      Thank you for visiting my profile page. I am looking forward that we could share our interests and stories here.

    • Desmond Roseluck desiros Desmond Roseluck The combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

      The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

    • Solidus Sans liquidusmira Solidus Sans Donkey Kong Country

      sometimes i go to the store and eat all the cheddar cheese

    • abc abc
    • I am an idiot egg I am an idiot I fell down the stairs one too many times.

      My intelligence falls outside the range of human standards

    • Bit Shift bitshift Bit Shift United Kingdom

      Yosuke will now DIE FOR YOU.

    • A Big Pony bigpony A Big Pony America

      Just a man, dying.

    • Stumperman stumperman Stumperman Admin United States of da mericans

      Sup I'm a random dude who's not a brony anymore but only here cause friends

    • Cloud cloudchaser Cloud Admin Canada