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Ames/Des Moines Bronies

Ames/Des Moines Bronies

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Ames, Iowa, USA

Hello Everypony! This group is mainly for bronies/pegasisters from the Des Moines/Ames/Iowa State area! However, if you are from Iowa, or anywhere in the wide wide world (of Equestria) feel free to join! Hopefully, we can get more so we can have viewing parties, create fan content, and visit cons together! :)

Ames/Des Moines Bronies (amesbronies) group


  1. Hey guys, if you're still active over here, make sure to sign up on the Facebook page ! Or e-mail me to add you! :)

    Saturday, 21-Jan-17 06:52:03 UTC from web
    • Make sure every pony signs up for the Facebook group (if you want of course)! That's where we go to post a lot of stuff!

      Tuesday, 10-Nov-15 04:19:51 UTC from web
      • Hey everypony! Post who your favorite pony is! Mine are scootaloo and rainbow dash!

        Monday, 26-Oct-15 14:04:35 UTC from web