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RDN Clash of Clans

RDN Clash of Clans

!clashofclans coc

A group for the RDN clan in Clash of Clans. Clan name is "RDN" And the description has Rainbow Dash network in it. Look for that one. Dont join other ones that are not this one!

RDN Clash of Clans (clashofclans) group


  1. @rainlightsparkledash Hey, The Clan isn't active as no one else joined. I can make it again though

    Saturday, 30-Aug-14 22:47:24 UTC from web
  2. Anyone here play !clashofclans?

    Monday, 11-Aug-14 04:33:38 UTC from web
    • !clashofclans we have a clan named "RDN" for people to know

      Sunday, 20-Jul-14 03:45:13 UTC from web
    • Favorite Android apps go

      Saturday, 19-Jul-14 05:56:57 UTC from web
    • !clashofclans For anyone who didn't see this morning, we have a Clan now named "RDN" for anyone who plays and wants to join :)

      Thursday, 17-Jul-14 23:16:18 UTC from web