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  1. Can anypony give me a group logo for !funfection?

    Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 16:39:50 UTC from web
    • @lyrica Hey lyrica, join the !fundemic we have party police on our side!

      Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 16:30:25 UTC from web
      • @gumballwinter Hello new to RDN no time to talk hi im rainbow dash lolol got to go bye lololol XD

        Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 15:34:57 UTC from web
      • My aunt says "I'll just search it in Goggle". I lolled XD

        Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 16:28:08 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • # Hello new friend, I have a !funfection you should steer clear of me

        Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 15:48:12 UTC from web
        • We need to start a !fundemic in here!

          Tuesday, 31-Jul-12 13:23:25 UTC from web
        • Well if you want you can be !funfected

          Monday, 30-Jul-12 21:13:27 UTC from web
          • Get the !funfection !

            Monday, 30-Jul-12 21:10:50 UTC from web