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A group that I will try to make a YouTube channel for when I get a new computer. Oh yes if you join you have to be willing to join 1 of our commentaries, and if you want to be admin you have to be in most of our commentaries at least 80% of them

gamer bronies commentaries (gamerbronycomms) group


  1. !gamerbronycomms I am looking for a mane cast, and the people who are here at night are not only the most fun but I know all u guys, so please pm me if u want to be a mane cast member

    Sunday, 26-May-13 04:01:06 UTC from web
  2. I really wish I knew how to get !gamerbronycomms promoted?

    Saturday, 15-Jun-13 06:39:18 UTC from web
    • Now that I have a lets play channel, I can finally get started looking for !bronygamercomms all I need is two people for a main cast all the people that have subscribed I don't know, so yea if you want to join, just PM me

      Saturday, 15-Jun-13 06:31:43 UTC from web
    • !gamerbronycomms still looking for a main cast no one has responded

      Thursday, 30-May-13 04:36:10 UTC from web
      • Oh wait just thought of another thing, should I do the commentary for !gamerbronycomms 1hour & 15 minutes on a Saturday or do 20 minutes on a week day?

        Saturday, 18-May-13 00:37:37 UTC from web
        • * !gamerbronycomms

          Saturday, 18-May-13 00:23:50 UTC from web
          • I wish !gamerbronycomms had a logo, I wanted to ask my friend Easton to do it but I forgot

            Saturday, 11-May-13 02:25:55 UTC from web
            • !gamerbronycomms I'm very close to getting a new pc, so hopefully I'll have on in july

              Monday, 15-Apr-13 01:37:13 UTC from web
            • !gamerbronycomms Hey guys it's gamerbronycomms the group I plan to make a video game commentaries channel on YouTube as soon as I get a new pc

              Saturday, 16-Mar-13 05:47:56 UTC from web