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The Inn

The RDN Hearthstone group! If you play it and want to share stuff about the game, come closer by the hearth. It's warmer here.

Hearthstonies (hearthstone) group


  1. I'm against @pony on !hearthstone

    Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 15:08:20 UTC from web
    • Hunters everywhere... It really is April FOOLS Day. !hearthstone

      Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 14:18:20 UTC from web
      • Best !heartstone arena so far!!

        Saturday, 24-Jan-15 01:20:01 UTC from web
      • Playing some !hearthstone arena! It's going to be a BLAST !stream

        Wednesday, 21-Jan-15 03:44:15 UTC from web
        • 9 wins in the !hearthstone arena and counting! batcave yeah

          Tuesday, 20-Jan-15 05:30:43 UTC from web
        • Gonna do some !hearthstone test streaming! Come watch me if you want and to help me set this grape. !stream

          Tuesday, 20-Jan-15 03:42:48 UTC from web
          • I used to hate Priest. Now it's my best class. !hearthstone

            Wednesday, 14-Jan-15 23:00:52 UTC from web
          • Hey guys I made a !hearthstone group. Feel free to join and share your decks and strategies and funny printscreens. Peace.

            Friday, 26-Dec-14 00:43:26 UTC from web