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Hipster Soviets

Hipster Soviets


We liked Communism before Stalin came along and sold out.
Capitalism is so mainstream. My favourite country is the Soviet Union, it's kind of obscure, you probably haven't heard it.

Workers of the world, unite! you have nothing to lose but your uncoolness!

Hipster Soviets (hipstersoviets) group


  1. !hipstersoviets comrades! stand tall on all fours to our great national anthem

    Wednesday, 31-Aug-11 18:09:19 UTC from web
  2. This is just great:

    Sunday, 26-Jun-11 15:20:32 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  3. @greydragon412 Lets be !hipstersoviets together

    Sunday, 12-Jun-11 17:16:43 UTC from web
  4. In Russia, U Wii. !hipstersoviets

    Tuesday, 07-Jun-11 18:54:06 UTC from web
    • hello

      Wednesday, 01-Jun-11 02:17:05 UTC from web

      Thursday, 26-May-11 02:09:16 UTC from web
    • @tinwhistle my boyfriend's grandma actually listened to that song when it was like, an actual pop song !hipstersoviets

      Wednesday, 25-May-11 04:12:13 UTC from web
      • real talk though yuri gagarin is a dreamboat !hipstersoviets

        Wednesday, 25-May-11 03:47:04 UTC from web
        • I've taken 3 russian history classes the past two semesters and have an internship in the fall editing an encyclopedia of russian/eastern european military history !hipstersoviets #

          Wednesday, 25-May-11 03:44:03 UTC from web
        • @extremedash @chaosmagic @abigpony we're all going to learn russian and speak to each other in secret soviet pony code THE REST OF RDN: YOU SHOULD PROBABLY GET IN ON THIS

          Wednesday, 25-May-11 03:36:49 UTC from web
        • @theawesomepony *poke* Ohai! I didn't recognize you with the new avatar xD I love Pinkie Pie~

          Wednesday, 25-May-11 03:06:58 UTC from web
        • @extremedash !hipstersoviets privet c:

          Wednesday, 25-May-11 03:09:57 UTC from web
        • What say wha- BOBOBO!

          Wednesday, 25-May-11 02:57:31 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • The invasion has begun! Join the !hipstersoviets now before it becomes cool. And resistance is futile...

          Tuesday, 24-May-11 07:03:08 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • @extremedash !hipstersoviets

          Tuesday, 24-May-11 06:53:37 UTC from web