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Machofistia Game Project

Machofistia Game Project

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An original game project. Group is meant to offer updates and promotions.

Machofistia Game Project (machofistia) group


  1. !machofistia Please consider subscribing to keep up with the game project I'm running. :D

    Friday, 23-Mar-12 22:35:02 UTC from web
    • SO PEOPLE! Hi.

      Thursday, 08-Mar-12 21:56:53 UTC from web
    • @minti !machofistia related; you have a Skype by any chance? Trying to get everyone added for possible group convos.

      Friday, 02-Mar-12 22:15:02 UTC from web
    • @minti Hey, do you have a Skype by any chance? I'm setting up a group for !machofistia

      Thursday, 01-Mar-12 20:07:00 UTC from web
      • Yo folks.

        Wednesday, 29-Feb-12 21:38:10 UTC from web
      • !machofistia Got a friend who's gonna do concept art for the game.

        Wednesday, 29-Feb-12 21:00:54 UTC from web
        • !machofistia Posted an add for concept artists on a comic forum I go on. Still looking for more interested folks.

          Sunday, 26-Feb-12 18:43:51 UTC from web
          • Does anyone know a good forum/site where I could possibly come across some people who might be interested in working on !machofistia ?

            Saturday, 25-Feb-12 22:01:56 UTC from web
            • !machofistia promoting again. video game project; looking for folks to join the forum to offer ideas/assistance with the project, or just to watch it progress.

              Saturday, 25-Feb-12 02:56:29 UTC from web
              • !machofistia Started the group. If anyone's interested in watching the progress or assisting with the project for Machofistia the game, please go here and register:

                Saturday, 25-Feb-12 01:17:32 UTC from web