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NebrasKon Ponies

NebrasKon Ponies


Omaha, NE

NebrasKon is an annual anime convention held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Convention Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Last year there were over two thousand attendees and I'm pretty sure a bunch of them are pony fans now. With so many people I know we can get a good meetup together, so if you're nearby or already planning to come, join in on all the fun.

NebrasKon Ponies (nebraskonponies) group


  1. !nebronies !nebraskonponies !midwestbronies So, who's headed to Anime Nebraskon? Where should we meet for the big picture we submit to EqD?

    Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 08:41:33 UTC from web
  2. !nebraskonponies I've been talking with some event staff and I got us an empty panel room to use for our meet-up (Holiday A 8PM, after the cosplay contest). Still waiting to hear if we can get a projector, but no matter what, there'll be a way to show the latest episode.

    Sunday, 30-Oct-11 16:05:11 UTC from web
    • !nebraskonponies Do not forget, the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic panel is scheduled to run at 11:00 PM on Saturday, November 5. I'm not running the panel, but I thought maybe you'd like to know further in advance in case you forget to check the schedules. See you next week!

      Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 23:27:15 UTC from web
      • !nebraskonponies The sooner this convention gets here, the better! *fluttersqueak*

        Sunday, 23-Oct-11 22:40:15 UTC from web
      • !nebraskonponies YAY! OMG! Its everything I've ever wanted and MORE!

        Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 01:30:47 UTC from web
        • !nebraskonponies Don't worry, I'll definitely be there ;)

          Friday, 14-Oct-11 04:55:45 UTC from web
          • !nebronies !iowabronies !midwestbronies Just started a group for a meetup at NebrasKon !nebraskonponies, if anyone will be attending join up and keep an eye on the plans as they solidify

            Friday, 14-Oct-11 02:18:29 UTC from web
            • !nebraskonponies I'll be getting an officially scheduled meetup time as soon as I can register to use the nebraskon forums. So keep on the look out.

              Friday, 14-Oct-11 02:08:58 UTC from web