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North Western Pennsylvania Bronies

North Western Pennsylvania Bronies


New Castle, PA

Its for Western Pennsylvania Bronies who can't afford to ride to Pittsburgh or don't find any way to get to Pittsburgh to attend Brony Meetups. So I created this group as a solution for Bronies from Lawrence, Mercer or other counties close to Lawrence. If Bronies from Pittsburgh wants to come up here or Bronies from farther north or farther east, they are welcome to do so. ^^ We can also do Brony Meetups also either in somewhere else in Lawrence County or Mercer County as we can desire too.

North Western Pennsylvania Bronies (northwestpennbronies) group


  1. @stevenator20xx Is this group still active and doing meetups?

    Tuesday, 17-Feb-15 19:58:46 UTC from web
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      Tuesday, 17-Feb-15 19:59:28 UTC in context