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Overclockers RDN

Overclockers RDN

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For PC enthusiasts on RDN or at least for people who can assemble a computer from scratch.

Overclockers RDN (overclockers) group


  1. Just throwing this out there, if you have slow internet speed mysteriously on just one of your computers CHECK TO SEE IF YOU HAVE AMD QUICKSTREAM INSTALLED, then burn that thing on the far side of the moon. I seriously spent money figuring out THAT was the source of my 1mb/s. !rdnpc !lrg

    Sunday, 07-Sep-14 05:25:35 UTC from web
    • !overclock All the GHz!

      Monday, 01-Sep-14 17:44:15 UTC from web
      • !overclock Ah, 4.4 GHz goodness.

        Thursday, 21-Aug-14 15:03:59 UTC from web