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It is the group for people who like the #ThePoniesTravels series I made

ThePoniesTravels (ponytravels) group


  1. @randompony !ponytravels Excellent! I suppose that once food and water are found we can set up camp. I suggest a montage to the tune of the pony-pokey.

    Friday, 14-Jun-13 01:24:32 UTC from web
    • @randompony !ponytravels Let's have Twilight help ponies who need help to get down off the bed with her teleportation. Time again to look for provisions: food, water, vessels for food and water, and then off to find shelter, hopefully with easy access to the kitchen.

      Friday, 14-Jun-13 01:18:02 UTC from web
    • @randompony !ponytravels Look around!

      Friday, 14-Jun-13 00:34:11 UTC from web