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bronies that like Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock music

bronies that like Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock music

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A place where we can discus awesome bands from the most awesome of metal and rock genres

bronies that like Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock music (progressivemusic) group


  1. !progressivemusic ROCK N ROLL!

    Tuesday, 14-May-13 13:28:30 UTC from web
    • Flash before my eeeyyyyes. Now it'd time to diiiiiieee. # !heavymetalbronies (THIS GROUP NEEDS MORE LOVE)

      Tuesday, 27-Dec-11 16:48:36 UTC from web
    • hey !progponies go follow my new Dream Theater blog!

      Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 15:44:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      • thinking of getting a tattoo. here's the design !progponies might know the symbol

        Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 02:33:28 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • someday I will listen to all 15.9 hours of Dream Theater in one sitting. !progponies

          Sunday, 18-Dec-11 02:40:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • listening to Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, Disc 2 by # !progponies

            Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 20:02:32 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • My friend (laserdinosaurs) just finished listening to his first Dream Theater album, Octavarium. awaiting to hear his thoughts !progponies

            Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 07:18:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
          • my friend is listening to Dream Theater's Octavarium for the first time! he's liking it! !progponies

            Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 06:28:44 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            • I want to see a mashup of The Art of the Dress and The Art of Reason, by Threshold !progponies

              Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 01:11:03 UTC from web
            • I am going to name my son Nicholas, and then whenever I have to wake him up, I will just say "Open your eyes, Nicholas" # # !progponies

              Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 22:56:00 UTC from web
            • do any !progponies like Sieges Even? they are progrock

              Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 21:25:18 UTC from web
              • First topic of discussion, my friend and I had this as did the 'The Metal Show' which Rush record is better 'Permanent Waves' or 'Moving Pictures'? 3...2...1...Go! !progponies

                Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 20:46:48 UTC from web
              • just made a new group for ponies that like progressive rock and progressive metal! !progressivemusic

                Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 20:44:56 UTC from web
                • Now start playing some Rush !progponies

                  Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 20:44:22 UTC from web
                • you know how I know I'm not a hipster? I proselytize my music. I try to show people the glory that is Progressive Metal

                  Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 20:00:22 UTC from web