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RDNers who also frequent RYM. For those who don't know, it's a pretty sweet site on which members can rate and review albums, singles, EPs... etc (and movies too) and an overall aggregate score is created for the work, which is pretty useful: a bit like metacritic, but with a LOT more ratings. Automatically generated lists for genre, year, location, along with user-created lists have been incredibly useful to me in building a pleasing collection of music over the years. It also seems to be cultivating a fledgling Brony community!

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  • Kait Jones icysweet Kait Jones

    i'm both a brony and a sonic fan. also pokemon. :3

  • George DesRoches tarby George DesRoches Seattle, Washington

    I write music. I love writing music, it's fun, etc etc. Yeah.

  • Barton Flank pawnheart Barton Flank Admin Salford, UK

    Used to live in Glasgow. Now I am here. I play Guitar. Yay, woohoo, you rock etc. I think too much about things, drink too much coffee, socialise too little, and hate labels. except on bottles. I love picking those. Oh, and I am the Duke of Kiddermarester, and extremely rich! Lick my decals off, brony. My only other significant net presence: RhymeDragWithDrag at your service. Oh, by the way, MLP:FiM and Earth, Wind and Fire? Best combination ever!