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  • Török Tamás chipchop Török Tamás Kecskemét, Hungary

    I'm a nerdy person, I like stuff related to IT&Computers, any music but rap and hip-hop. At first I may look intimidating and from first impression really impersonal, but in fact I am really sweet to my friends and known ones.

  • Hardc0r3Br0n3 hardc0r3br0n3 Hardc0r3Br0n3 Casper, Wyoming.

    I'm H-A-R-D and ain't no other pony got a core like me, I'm Hardc0r3licious.

  • InsanityNotion insanitynotion InsanityNotion

    I am looking for an average brony group to Skype around with. My Skype name is "SayMyName. PINKIE! YourGoddamnRight."

  • theanneh theanneh theanneh United States

    I do stuff, and also things. Yes, especially things. Everything funny I have to say, I say on Twitter. I like science, video games, table top games, card games, history, anime, comics, and pretty much everything else. Expect playlists and science facts from my posts. I have Skype, Steam, Twitter, etc. I'm TheAnneh everywhere. Hit me up. c:

  • DazManDer bronydaz DazManDer Ireland

    Hello, i'm Daz. I Am 16 Years Old And I Am Still In School And Hope To Grow Up To Be A Popular Youtuber, Game Designer/Developer, Band Member, A Cartoon Animator. I Know Thats A Lot To Take Up, But Hey, Im Up For The Challenge I Live In Ireland And I Play Lots Of Video Games With My Friends. Of Course I Dont Have A Girlfriend (Duh, Im 16 Years Old). But I Hope To Meet A Girl With The Same Interests With Me. Speaking Of Interests My Interests/Hobbies Are Playing Video Games, Golfing, and Watching TV (Kinda Boring) and of course i love making Gaming videos :)

  • Obimaru Skywind obimaru Obimaru Skywind Ohio

    My name is Shawn I like music,video games,anime and cartoons.

  • Moonlight Symphony moonlightsymphony Moonlight Symphony United States

    I like mlp of course lol, but I love gaming, chatting, art, music and I tend to come up with really nice fanfics, I'm still on one right now and it's been going great. If anything else, just ask

  • Deonte McDonald coldstorm Deonte McDonald a little town named Athens, AL

    just a artist and a singer trying to be someone and not forgotten (btw beware of my tumblr its Nsfw))

  • isaiah smith djhedgehog isaiah smith leesburg florida

    i am 17 (when people are down i pick them up

  • GameKiller67 gamekiller67 GameKiller67 Romania,Slatina

    my skype username is gamekiller674 if anypony would like to add me

  • Tairā northernnarwhal Tairā Ontario, Canada

    ~OPEN UP YOUR MURDER EYES AND SEE THE UGLY WORLD THAT SPAT YOU OUT~ "Weeaboo Kanye West" -Alex (@mastertdi), 2014 "Cave Story Guy" -@nerthos, 2014 Do you ever look off into the distance and wonder if someone's staring back? That's me. Nice to meet you too. If you don't hate me already you will eventually, so leave before my bad omens spread. 3DS Friend Code : 0146-9797-1259

  • Night Dagger rainbowdashftw Night Dagger United States

    Will always be up for anything rainbow dash just a warning i am strictly against clopping pics or fims in any way

  • Noire xeleanorxrigbyx Noire Tulsa

    Proud Pegasister/brony/whatever. Uhhh.... let's see. I like ponies, cars, music, tattoos, art, bass guitar, video games, DnD and scuba diving. I'm awkward and quiet but I want to make friends, hopefully people who like ponies too (they seem to be fun people)! I don't know what I want to be when I grow up and I'll be back at college eventually. Thanks for stopping by! Xbox 360, PSN and Steam: xEleanorxRigbyx (honestly, I'm either that or green_day_gurrl on most things, except maybe Skype) Top 5 favorite ponies: 1. Derpy 2. Chrysalis 3. Fluttershy 4. Luna 5. Cheerliee Avatar done by:

  • Valerie Plame tiffany Valerie Plame England

    Teenaged. Depressed. Taken. Follower of Mushism. Avatar is by the optimal @spots Background by the pimpin' @nerthos

  • Shaun Green theonlyrazz Shaun Green United Kingdom

    That British YouTuber with #Razzberries who love him. Drummer, writer, reader extraordinaire! I live in South-West England. My youtube channel is:

  • Lillian Williams halleycommet Lillian Williams TX, USA

    just a minecraft loving artist wanting to make some online friends.

  • Unity Of Factors unityoffactors Unity Of Factors Missoula, Montana
  • RainbowCrash rainbowcr RainbowCrash Equestria

    Ponies. I like ponies and am a pretty big fan of MLP. Not sure what else.

  • André Qvick w3bb3dwh33l André Qvick
  • Thomas Willigar twilightbrony Thomas Willigar Hermon,ME

    Just looking for some brony guys to hang with since there are none in my hometown

  • Zach Malliard kolzach Zach Malliard United States, PA

    Hi there, I'm Kolzach. I'm a Electronic producer from Pennsylvania, United States. I'm not the best at what I do, but I try. Enjoy the music, the links below will take you there.

  • Corey therealskyflight Corey USA
  • Dywane Tay superdashie Dywane Tay Singapore

    My Little Pony: Friendship is magic makes me very very very happy. I do the sunshine rhyme dance every morning.

  • Erin Lynn McCartan eripie Erin Lynn McCartan Ontario, Canada

    A girl who fell in love with ponies with their inspiration <3 Self taught artist and a brilliant talker :p Want to add me on skype? Feel free :D eriannalynn

  • thomas dennis gilson darkedge42 thomas dennis gilson england
  • Jackie Bandicoot xxdashiearmyxx Jackie Bandicoot King Faisal Street, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate


  • amaris amaris

    I'm terrible at describing myself, so I'll just fill this spot with some means of contact! Steam: Amarisnsane (Main means of contact) Skype: Amarisnsane Raptr: Marisnsane XFire: Marisnsane (Rarely used but every now and then) 360: Necroseal (Though very rarely used)

  • Matthew David Withers epicblocklander Matthew David Withers Mustang
  • Samuel tenebarius Samuel USA

    I am a Jesus Freak, a Writer, and your residential Pinkie Pie enthusiast. I am a twenty-one year old gentlecolt. I Role Play on my website ( and I hang out here on occasion.

  • caberea caberea Australia

    I am Caberea Alaskas, a Brony since the start of season 2 and gamer somethinganaire. I'm Caberea1 on Skype. I write fanfiction at, and also do videos at


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