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Southern California Bronies

Southern California Bronies

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A group for the bronies in Southern California.

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  • Mike Cole mikecole Mike Cole not wyoming

    failed comedian with attitude problem in need of medication I cannot afford. maybe I should panhandle me some money with patreon?

  • Layse Ray layseray1 Layse Ray Penrith

    Diamonds catering,cater for all occasions including,weddings,birthdays,sporting events,corporate functions or virtually any event requiring a professional specilised catering service.Diamonds Catering services The Hills District, Parramatta & Blacktown, Campbelltown/Camden, Penrith and all South Western Sydney, Blue Mountains & Hawkesbury Regions

  • Riley Prower fang Riley Prower Corona, CA, USA

    im kinda shy but a really nice person... err... pony, i have been told i have servant's heart i guess it means i like to serve but its more that i like to be a pet. PSN ID: fangprower message me :3

  • Joshua Sozio heabysandvich Joshua Sozio Southern California

    I like video games, hanging out with friends, airsofting, other various teenager activities!

  • Loegan Olson noinvites Loegan Olson Shitville, CA

    I hate

  • Ashley Florer amycruzz Ashley Florer El Cajon, California

    Hello there people I am indeed a newcomer to the heard. I have watched MLPFiM and my overall favorite pony is Fluttershy. I am a Senior in high school and I am a Fantastic drawer! If I could have my own pony name it would be Sketch. But I am only new and I enjoy MLP very much so I hope to meet people within my community and others around the world.

  • Pianissima pianissima Pianissima Southern California

    If you wanna know about me, ask me. Now Leave. Skype: xPianissima

  • Cameron Clark flyingwhales Cameron Clark California

    I worship Ponies, Pokemon, Regular Show, and Music. Love anime/manga and playing Xbox.

  • LyokoTravels lyokotravels LyokoTravels San Francisco,CA

    Steam : LyokoTravels Nowadays I'm on twitter Everyday, just a lot more active there! TWITTER:!/LyokoTravels Please DO NOT SEND me annoying tweets to me Spifire is my Waifu!

  • Matthew blueskies Matthew Los Angeles,CA

    Hello everypony! Ive been a brony for about 10 months now and I dont regret it! Im a little shy when I first meet new people but after that I love to make new friends and make jokes! Im always ready to help my friends and Im very loyal, you can count on me if you need help!

  • Oscar De Jesus datbrony Oscar De Jesus East Los Angeles

    Im a high school freshman brony and live around the Los Angeles County. I'm a preetty nice and shy guy but pretty cool if you get to know me :)

  • Andres mustangdash Andres San Diego


  • Scott Rice anacreon Scott Rice United States

    I am a gamer and aspiring programmer.

  • Sophia Gonzales oinkiedoinkie Sophia Gonzales Everywhere


  • Flare Dancer (Jenna) flaredancer Flare Dancer (Jenna) Inland Empire, Southern California, USA

    I'm going to UCLA for my BA in Archaeology and Scandinavian Studies. I'm pescatarian & I can't eat dairy. I don't have a cutie mark yet. @Noirbatch's kitten and very special somepony <3 I love him with all my heart =^.^=

  • A Big Pony bigpony A Big Pony America

    Just a man, dying.

  • Terry LL bronyblaze Terry LL California

    Ponies are great Video Games are awesome, I draw a lot but most are just sketches and I don't put em on the net much.

  • Kameron Carnow americanbrony Kameron Carnow Los Angeles

    I prefer not to talk about myself, makes me feel self absrorbed

  • Mauro E Di Ilio mauro67 Mauro E Di Ilio OC, California
  • Christian Furrows twilightsparklet Christian Furrows Southern California, Palos Verdes Estates

    i like ponies.......that is all.

  • raveman001 raveman001
  • Kevin "Neon Blue" djneonblue Kevin "Neon Blue" Orange County, California

    Hey, my names Kevin, I'm 18, and I live in orange county california, and yes I am an actual DJ, I like to play dubstep, electro house, techno, and of course pony music and remixes! I do perform live, for house parties and stuff, and I have been wanting to DJ a large MLP party for a while now! So feel free to send me a private message or a shout if you got a big brony house party coming up and ya need of some kickin' pony beats! :D

  • Geoffrey renaldo Geoffrey
  • Peejay Encina phillipjayfry Peejay Encina San Diego, CA

    Brony since November 2011, from San Diego, CA and I like ponies, drawing and skateboarding. DAYGO DAWGS.

  • Caim car Caim

    I have finally accomplished my mission.

  • Kyle T. sapphirediadem Kyle T. Encinitas, CA

    A pony with the goal to entertain (will update when I get youtube chan started)

  • carl tron carl Los Angeles


  • javob leedle javob
  • Carolee Flatley goshzilla Carolee Flatley Los Angeles, CA
  • Hank Dean bronymcbroningson Hank Dean Vidalia, GA

    Newer brony, is a Huge gamer: KillTHEMECHANT on Xbox Live, HankTheTank on Steam. Still watches WWE, even though it kinda sucks now. Seen the light, thanks to the thehochmaster on youtube and current on episodes. loves using brony memes and phrases. And looking for more friendship