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A group for bronies who enjoy both FiM and /m/-related stuff, be it tokusatsu or mecha!

Tachibana Mechanics (tachibanamechanics) group


  1. !tachibanamechanics Gokaiger is so good. I mean, I liked other sentai but this one really takes the cake.

    Saturday, 16-Apr-11 21:14:05 UTC from web
    • Streamin'! !vgp !tachibanamechanics

      Friday, 15-Apr-11 01:41:27 UTC from web
      • About to start streaming some SUPER ROBOT WARS Z2! Starting with the stage you get Mazinger, and then moving on to the stage in which you get THE LAGANN! Next up, Kamina and Simon, inspired by Getter Robo Ryoma's words, perform the fabled combination...GATTAI! All this and more, at !vgp !tachibanamechanics

        Thursday, 14-Apr-11 18:55:42 UTC from web
      • Playing Super Robot Wars Z2 Hakai-hen. GOD THE ANIMATIONS ARE SO AMAZING MY MIND IT'S BLOWN AWAY FROM AWESOME. I might...try streaming it on Thursday or Friday or something, would not be the first time for me streaming PSP games. !tachibanamechanics

        Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 02:06:55 UTC from web
      • @newdcd !tachibanamechanics I just finished reading your new Wyburn chapter. Really excellent, bro. I'm thoroughly entertained.

        Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 07:36:37 UTC from web
        • !tachibanamechanics Was listening to the theme to Mahou Sentai Magiranger (I love that song) and I just realized. Ponyfiction starring the mane cast that becomes a super sentai team. They're already practically color coded.

          Sunday, 10-Apr-11 14:44:17 UTC from web
          • !tachibanamechanics Oh God, listening to Shounen Yo gave me one of my best worst ideas... HIBIKI CELESTIA AND HER FAITHFUL UNDERSTUDY, ASUMU SPARKLE

            Friday, 08-Apr-11 16:41:38 UTC from web
          • !writeponies Wyburn Act 03 is up! Here is the dA link The past chapters are also available there. !tachibanamechanics

            Friday, 08-Apr-11 03:20:50 UTC from web
            • This vacant Equestria began its era from zero...the legend will soon be reborn! Right now, let loose the magic! Luna! Impetuously Revive! Luna! You have the energy of pride! Luna! In order to become stronger....! NO FEAR! NO PAIN! Shield friendship to the very end! NO FEAR! NO PAIN! There is nopony you fear! Completely running alone! I'm going to overcome this! CHOU HENSHIN, KAMEN RIDER LUUUUUUUUUUUNAAAA!! !tachibanamechanics

              Thursday, 07-Apr-11 17:43:53 UTC from web
              • !tachibanamechanics Make your heart a blade! Make sure your cutie mark is infused into it! Miracle! The trump is just you! ...The wind tells me that... that strength comes from within anypony. If you can giggle at the ghosties, you will grow! Slice through the wind as you Rainboom! You've already discarded your fears and hesistations; believe that you can fly as far away as you wish! The cry that you make towards your dilemma...will break down even what Celestia can't! Make your heart a blade! Make sure your cutie mark is infused into it! Let this magical power guide you, Dash! The moment you're roused from your sleep; the future, will be a place free of sadness.

                Thursday, 07-Apr-11 17:25:13 UTC from web
                • @trombe Are you going to make a serious one? Cause I was thinking on doing one in which Amuro and Char find themselves in Ponyville right after the end of CCA....obviously, hilarity ensues. !tachibanamechanics

                  Thursday, 07-Apr-11 15:52:28 UTC from web
                • Read a Gokaiger/Pony crossover fic the other night. Just counting the days until I muster up the creativity to write a Gundam/Pony crossover. !tachibanamechanics

                  Thursday, 07-Apr-11 10:11:04 UTC from web
                  • ....I just got the weirdest idea. Anybody have a vocal-only version of the FiM Opening? That way I can mix it with THIS !tachibanamechanics

                    Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 18:57:12 UTC from web
                  • Made the brony /m/-related stuff group I mentioned last night. !tachibanamechanics

                    Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 16:36:56 UTC from web