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University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida

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Orlando, Florida

If you're a current, former, or prospective brony student for UCF, this group is for you. After all, our mascot/logo is a pegasus!

University of Central Florida (ucf) group


  1. !ucf According to the Facebook group, we're in the process of getting our own UCF official club started! Check it out there, and details when they come =)

    Wednesday, 07-Dec-11 19:26:50 UTC from web
    • Hey there UCF bronies! Didn't know there were any here! Wassup! !ucf

      Thursday, 01-Dec-11 07:03:32 UTC from web
      • !ucf Wanting to attend school there within the next couple of years! Gotta finish Canadian college first :3

        Monday, 28-Nov-11 10:18:48 UTC from web
      • @killerkittykat Just saw that, and added it as the !ucf group homepage on here. Thanks =) (P.S. I'm bad with the whole tag concept, so hope everyone can forgive me if I end up deleting and reposting several times XD)

        Monday, 07-Nov-11 18:46:45 UTC from web
        • @flyingdash Well there is a UCF brony facebook page and I posted a link to the group you just started on there so hopefully the !ucf group will take off :)

          Thursday, 03-Nov-11 18:25:11 UTC from web
        • !centralflbronies !ucf any UCF ponies here taking Sotero for genetics or Vajravelu for ethnobotany in the spring? I am-- so let me know!

          Thursday, 03-Nov-11 13:12:48 UTC from web
          • !ucf hello there everypony! nice meet u all. I'm a UCF grad school alum =)

            Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 20:58:29 UTC from web
            • !centralflbronies !ucf I'll be getting into UCF next fall semester~ Hope to meet you all there, someday. x]

              Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 20:12:41 UTC from web
            • !centralflbronies !ucf Hey guys! Decided to put together a UCF sub-group to help gather together people coming in, so if you're alumni, prospective, current student, or prospective, come join up!

              Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 16:24:56 UTC from web
              • !centralflbronies Any UCF bronies present? I know you exist because I've seen an RD bumper sticker and and RD shirt as well. Anyways, I must say I am disappoint that we are the second largest university in America (not to mention our mascot is a pegasus), and I have yet to see anything showing up around campus. We gotta make this happen =P

                Thursday, 20-Oct-11 04:41:37 UTC from web
              • !ucf UCF Bronies, Unite! Hoping to find some fellow students out there. And who knows? Maybe if this grows we can find something to do on campus sometime ;)

                Wednesday, 02-Nov-11 16:22:30 UTC from web