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YTP and YTPMV Ponies

YTP and YTPMV Ponies

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This is a group to ALL YTP/YTPMV'ers Ponies.

YTP and YTPMV Ponies (ytpponies) group


  1. # Ok so i've been meaning to do a !ytp or !ytpmv but i guess im more in the mood to try ytpmv'ing, its gonna be my first try at it and i need your pick on this. I need you to choose a ppony of the mane 6. Il try my best to ytpmv her.

    Tuesday, 03-May-11 06:20:23 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  2. !ytp # Thank god, Final cut supports .mkv's that means i wont need to dowgrade to crappy .mp4's :3 hd YTP'ys yay

    Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 22:42:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    • !ytp Ok so requiring ideas for a pony YTP. 6.9 Possibly to be done in times when im bored. Any ideas of which episodes should i use as sources?

      Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 22:33:03 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    • !ytp Ok so i am requiring a good icon for this group. Any ideas?

      Wednesday, 27-Apr-11 22:16:47 UTC from StatusNet Desktop