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  1. I am moving to GA soon and will only know my wife and child. It would be nice to meet some like-minded people.

    Friday, 30-Jun-17 18:52:15 UTC from web
    • @eclipseart13

      Monday, 11-Apr-16 23:58:37 UTC from web
      • I have an idea that I'd like to say to everyone. I know that a lot of bronies and pegasisters have been wanting an my little pony convention here in Georgia. So I was thinking, why don't we just make our own mlp convention here in Atlanta, Georgia? It could start small, and we could work our way up to becoming bigger. Momocon started off like that, even dragoncon start off like that, and all the other brony and mlp conventions started off like that, and grew into something big, and I know that we can do the same here in Atlanta Georgia. We are all creative and smart, and a proud and strong community, so surly we could do the same. I know we all could do it if we all work together. I hope there are others who feel the same for this idea. If you do, let me know. I know we all cane do it.

        Friday, 24-Jul-15 02:32:37 UTC from web