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Atlanta area Bronies

Atlanta area Bronies

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Atlanta, Ga

News, gossip, and general banter concerning Bronies in and around Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta area Bronies (atlantabronies) group


  1. I am moving to GA soon and will only know my wife and child. It would be nice to meet some like-minded people.

    Friday, 30-Jun-17 18:52:15 UTC from web
    • can somepony help

      Saturday, 05-Dec-15 22:56:35 UTC from web
      • hey guys I need help

        Saturday, 05-Dec-15 22:50:38 UTC from web
      • I have an idea that I'd like to say to everyone. I know that a lot of bronies and pegasisters have been wanting an my little pony convention here in Georgia. So I was thinking, why don't we just make our own mlp convention here in Atlanta, Georgia? It could start small, and we could work our way up to becoming bigger. Momocon started off like that, even dragoncon start off like that, and all the other brony and mlp conventions started off like that, and grew into something big, and I know that we can do the same here in Atlanta Georgia. We are all creative and smart, and a proud and strong community, so surly we could do the same. I know we all could do it if we all work together. I hope there are others who feel the same for this idea. If you do, let me know. I know we all cane do it.

        Friday, 24-Jul-15 02:32:37 UTC from web
      • I check the site every now and again but it seems everyone is gone

        Friday, 13-Mar-15 23:23:26 UTC from web
      • is there seriously no one here anymore?

        Sunday, 01-Feb-15 02:03:17 UTC from web
      • sadly i have still, yet, to meet another irony in atlanta :(

        Friday, 30-Jan-15 17:50:30 UTC from web
      • Anyone around grant park? I live like a block away from the zoo.

        Friday, 30-Jan-15 07:28:03 UTC from web
        • So...looks like the last active chat was months ago. Anypony still here?

          Tuesday, 13-Jan-15 00:03:27 UTC from web
        • I live in the Tucker area and they just opened a nice new pizza place. I felt that a monthly meet there would be more than enough.

          Tuesday, 03-Jun-14 02:59:07 UTC from web
        • Hello all! Is any one available tomorrow to introduce me to the Atlanta bronies lifestyle? Thanks!

          Monday, 26-May-14 01:27:42 UTC from web
        • The sunny days of the MLP CCG premier set are coming to a close, and night is falling. Come join us at Kapow on May 10th at 2pm for the pre-release of Canterlot Nights, and find out just what awaits you after darkness blankets Equestria.

          Wednesday, 30-Apr-14 20:33:15 UTC from web
          • Any Bronies want to meet? I live in Suwanee.

            Friday, 25-Apr-14 08:12:33 UTC from web
          • I would be willing to have a lunch date/gathering bronies in the Atlanta area if anyone is down! We can meet at a restaurant? Or maybe plan an activity or something.

            Friday, 21-Feb-14 20:38:28 UTC from web
          • !atlantabronies What would everyone think about meeting up around Carrolton?

            Wednesday, 25-Sep-13 05:46:27 UTC from web
          • !atlantabronies when are we going to have a meet-up??? has atlanta had one yet anyway???

            Thursday, 08-Aug-13 21:16:05 UTC from web
          • !atlantabronies Are we ever gonna have a meetup? Because I know a con probably would be a little tricky to plan...

            Friday, 13-Sep-13 10:55:16 UTC from web
          • !atlantabronies I had a question, is there ever going to be a brony con in Atlanta?

            Saturday, 07-Sep-13 20:25:34 UTC from web
          • !atlantabronies when we meet up and where

            Monday, 22-Jul-13 16:38:28 UTC from web
            • !atlantabronies could we set one up?

              Monday, 22-Jul-13 16:35:54 UTC from web
            • !atlantabronies Is anyone here going to GT?

              Tuesday, 25-Jun-13 19:54:09 UTC from web
            • !atlantabronies Equestrialanta con anypony?

              Sunday, 12-May-13 18:51:09 UTC from web
            • @septhor !atlantabronies i agree

              Tuesday, 25-Jun-13 18:06:52 UTC from web
              • !atlantabronies Went to see Equestria Girls in Hiram, GA. D sent me here.

                Saturday, 22-Jun-13 18:56:50 UTC from web
              • !atlantabronies

                Thursday, 30-May-13 21:09:54 UTC from web
                • !atlantabronies it was going to be in Colorado then it was canceled, and i think now there doing it in Atlanta.

                  Wednesday, 29-May-13 15:02:03 UTC from web
                • !atlantabronies why hasn't anything happened here in atlanta lately???? why don't we have a mlp con here? or at least a meet up! wasn't there nightmare night atlanta here a while ago, until they canceled it or something?

                  Wednesday, 22-May-13 21:06:20 UTC from web
                  • !atlantabronies Does any one here wan't to go see Equestria girls?

                    Tuesday, 14-May-13 20:44:12 UTC from web
                    • !atlantabronies when is the next meetup?

                      Monday, 29-Apr-13 18:35:31 UTC from web
                      • !atlantabronies I second this motion

                        Friday, 12-Apr-13 19:19:51 UTC from web