Graham Lord (nethesem)

  1. !buck2013 Check out our Hot Minute with AcousticBrony!

    Monday, 24-Jun-13 09:59:55 UTC from web
  2. !buck2013 BUCK Exclusive music album for the Summer Sun Celebration- here's the FIRST sneak preview of Party at Sundown!

    Friday, 14-Jun-13 23:49:10 UTC from web
  3. !buck2013 Just a quick reminder to anyone back-reading on this group, remember that the majority of it is from LAST YEAR, so check the date!

    Friday, 14-Jun-13 10:29:34 UTC from web
  4. !buck2013 So for those not yet in the know, BUCK is one of the biggest euro brony conventions going down this year- it's happening at Manchester UK, in August. We've got JOHN DE LANCIE coming, along with CINDY MORROW, internet panel appearances from Meghan McCarthy, and a vast number of community guests including the Living Tombstone, Glaze, Galaxy Art, Draw Ponies, Knighty of FIMFiction, and many many more!

    Thursday, 13-Jun-13 11:48:43 UTC from web
  5. !buck2013 Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've been here- but we've just updated our group info and logo with this year's BUCK media, and we'll be posting our news here as well!

    Wednesday, 12-Jun-13 10:58:32 UTC from web


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