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  1. @xxjasminefireshyxx !abqbronies Yeah, it's pretty great, yo. There's not much to do after 9, but it's pretty cool, otherwise. This is the post from our MONTHLY MEETUP! Thanks to all the people who showed up! Next month: Hearts and Hooves day! Ponies. Hope to see you all again!

    Saturday, 05-Jan-13 22:11:24 UTC from web
  2. !abqbronies This Saturday, same bat-time, same bat-lecture hall. I'm bringing plates, cups, and cutlery!

    Thursday, 03-Jan-13 14:14:47 UTC from web
  3. !abqbronies Thanks for coming everypony! This was rather fantastic! I'll be posting the list of what peeps have signed up for bringing on the January 5th thingy thing thing. I hope you all are looking at this. I hope you're signing up for something because I love you guys! Yeah, you. YOU. YOU READING THIS RIGHT NOW. WHAT YOU SAY?!!

    Saturday, 22-Dec-12 23:25:55 UTC from web
  4. !abqbronies All the cool kids are doing it!

    Saturday, 22-Dec-12 20:16:05 UTC from web
  5. !abqbronies , How does the 22nd of December sound for a Hearth's Warming... Day? party? I have the room at the Dominici center reserved from 1 to 4 pm. Friday is a no go, on my end, but the Saturday is good for me. Please let me know what you all think!

    Friday, 30-Nov-12 05:15:19 UTC from web in context
  6. !abqbronies, Alex here. Thank you all for making the release party SO AWESOME! I had an idea. There's a lot of contributions in our community, but, what are Abq bronies doing because of/for the fandom? I'll hit you all back on here soon with news of the next gathering! @theangelofrazgris, Artemis is possible, but I would have to have mucho advance notice.

    Monday, 12-Nov-12 10:17:31 UTC from web in context
  7. !abqbronies Oh, to specify, I have a computer and projector and such all ready to go, but I do not have snacks/drinks/food to do anything with. Please bring stuff! STUFF!

    Friday, 09-Nov-12 18:59:43 UTC from web in context
  8. !abqbronies Okay, so I got us the Dominici auditorium at the Dominici Center, at noon, tomorrow. I'll see you all there, hopefully!

    Friday, 09-Nov-12 18:58:42 UTC from web


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