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  1. @flutterguyy if you are looking for the abq bronies were on facebook @ABQBronies there you can find out all out eventd like for example this saturday at 12:00PM we will be meeting at dions on montgomery so if you live in the metro area feel free to come hang out with us on saturday

    Tuesday, 23-May-17 17:26:46 UTC from web
  2. @rabidchama hey bro im new to the group but not to the fandom ive been a brony since 2011 just like you so i am an admin and i would like to help run the group with events and stuff is there anyway you can give me acces to the group to help run it i have been planning events lately even on the facebook page it shows alot of events i planned thanks

    Wednesday, 18-Jan-17 22:11:36 UTC from web in context


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