1. !ponytoycollectors Picked up the 12-pack of the mini/"blind bag" ponies at Toys R Us today... one or two of these random ponies are begging to be custom bait. There was still one set left at the Blaine BRU, for any !mnbronies looking. # #

    Saturday, 03-Sep-11 02:11:15 UTC from web
    1. @sneakysnake I'm looking for Skywishes from that set, if you're willing to part with her for $ and shipping. Unless that's not allowed here.

      Sunday, 04-Sep-11 04:10:29 UTC from web
      1. @gabumon I'd be happy to pass her on + her little card! E-mail me at - Paypal work for you?

        Sunday, 04-Sep-11 21:24:01 UTC from web
        1. @sneakysnake I emailed ya!

          Monday, 05-Sep-11 01:04:45 UTC from web