1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @mrn4rmn4rm i have DVR

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:49:03 UTC from web
    2. @mrn4rmn4rm It'd be 'an unfunny' ~ but all the same, I'd wake up at 6am for ponies. Hell yeah. Unfortunately I'm in the East Coast, where it airs at 9am and I'll be leaving town at 8am -.-

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:49:39 UTC from web
    3. @mrn4rmn4rm Wake up me no sleep.

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:49:43 UTC from web
    4. @mrn4rmn4rm i can watch cartoons at anytime

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:50:53 UTC from web
    5. @mrn4rmn4rm Sucks. I missed the livestreams for last episode when I had work at 8am, this week I had prior plans (which I suppose I can only blame myself for) - but whatevs. I'll just watch it in the afternoon when it's on youtube.

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:51:30 UTC from web
    6. @mrn4rmn4rm Because I zone out

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:51:39 UTC from web
    7. @mrn4rmn4rm You scream outside as loud as you can

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:56:20 UTC from web
    8. @mrn4rmn4rm Ew, no shower/restroom time beforehand? I could never do that q.q

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:56:34 UTC from web
    9. @mrn4rmn4rm No I will hear you though

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:57:29 UTC from web
    10. @mrn4rmn4rm Haha, alrighty then.

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:58:31 UTC from web
    11. @mrn4rmn4rm You do not have my number silly

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:58:46 UTC from web
    12. @mrn4rmn4rm Well herp derp I will PM it to you

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 01:59:58 UTC from web
    13. @mrn4rmn4rm Never

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 02:05:00 UTC from web
    14. @mrn4rmn4rm YOU MADE MY PHONE FALL OF THE COUCH!

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 02:07:01 UTC from web
      1. @stumperman07 *OFF

        Saturday, 24-Sep-11 02:07:07 UTC from web
    15. @mrn4rmn4rm >:/

      Saturday, 24-Sep-11 02:13:12 UTC from web