1. I am SO gonna convince my friend Nick to be Scout for Halloween. HE LOOKS JUST EXACTLY LIKE A YOUNGER VERSION OF HIM! it's really funny, he even has an accent and the same arrogant attitude. I'm totally convincing him to do it! It's gonna be hard though.. !teamfortress2

    Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:25:06 UTC from web
    1. @dezzierose GIVE HIM MILK IF HE DOES IT.

      Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:25:49 UTC from web
      1. @miloththerepeaterofrdn I. Totally. WILL!

        Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:27:47 UTC from web
        1. @dezzierose AND MAYBE A FISH IF YOU CAN. TAKE PICTURES.

          Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:28:25 UTC from web
          1. @miloththerepeaterofrdn I. Shall. If. I. Can. Convince. Him. To. Actually. Do. It.

            Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:30:25 UTC from web
            1. @dezzierose It would be so awesome.

              Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:30:55 UTC from web
              1. @miloththerepeaterofrdn Yes. It. Would.

                Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:35:07 UTC from web
                1. @dezzierose eeyup.

                  Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:36:39 UTC from web
        2. @dezzierose AND RECORD IF YOU CAN.

          Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:28:36 UTC from web
          1. @miloththerepeaterofrdn Okay. If. I. Am. Actually. Around. When. He. Wears. It.

            Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:32:50 UTC from web
            1. @dezzierose ah.

              Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:33:03 UTC from web
              1. @miloththerepeaterofrdn Yeah, he's not my best friend exactly, but he's very curious and very gullible, it might be easier than it seems.

                Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:39:28 UTC from web
                1. @dezzierose Oh, look, it says gullible on the ceiling! Yeah.

                  Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:41:39 UTC from web
                  1. @miloththerepeaterofrdn Yeah, he fell for that once. He pulled something like that on his friend and I turned it around and did it to him. It was funny.

                    Monday, 26-Sep-11 02:22:27 UTC from web
                    1. @dezzierose I expected that. xP

                      Monday, 26-Sep-11 02:22:56 UTC from web
                      1. @miloththerepeaterofrdn He's a very silly and entertaining little dude. He's really short compared to most people his age and we like to call him out on it.

                        Monday, 26-Sep-11 02:33:57 UTC from web
                        1. @dezzierose ah, so that's why you wanted him to be scout? Because of his size?

                          Monday, 26-Sep-11 02:42:26 UTC from web
                          1. @miloth Yeah. And his arrogance. It works, it really does!

                            Monday, 26-Sep-11 19:10:25 UTC from web
                            1. @dezzierose Nice.

                              Monday, 26-Sep-11 21:29:12 UTC from web
                              1. @miloth and on a side note, he did this stupid looking countryish dance that looked an AWFUL LOT like Scout's victory dance. And I bet he's never heard of the game! And on another side note, today, I mentioned Half Life to my mom, and she seems to know what it is!

                                Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 00:30:49 UTC from web
                                1. @dezzierose Yeah?

                                  Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:07:02 UTC from web
                                  1. @miloth well, on the other hoof, Half Life is so popular most people seem to know what it is.

                                    Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:26:47 UTC from web
                                    1. @dezzierose Yeah. Too bad I haven't played it !yet .

                                      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:27:40 UTC from web
                                      1. @miloth Neider have I. I'm stickin to my !hatfortress2 and my !portalponi .

                                        Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:30:55 UTC from web
                                        1. @dezzierose yeah.

                                          Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:39:32 UTC from web
                                          1. @miloth dunno how I'm gonna convince him to do it though.. Were kinda frienemies or close aquaintances, him being a boy and me being a girl and the fact I insult him involuntarily all the time for some odd reason.,

                                            Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 03:01:30 UTC from web
                                            1. @dezzierose ah, I see.

                                              Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:02:53 UTC from web
                                              1. @miloth But it doesn't seem too hard, seeing how he likes to listen in on people's conversations.. I might introduce him to Team Fortress 2.

                                                Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:48:06 UTC from web
                                                1. @dezzierose yeah.

                                                  Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:49:21 UTC from web
                                                  1. @miloth If he doesn't already know.. I bet he doesnt.

                                                    Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:50:33 UTC from web
                                                    1. @dezzierose yeah.

                                                      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:51:16 UTC from web
                                                      1. @miloth Do you have any friends who look or act like !hatfortress2 characters?

                                                        Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:54:56 UTC from web
                                                        1. @dezzierose hmm, @derps sorta acts like spy/pyro In the annoying department.

                                                          Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 20:56:44 UTC from web
                                                          1. @miloth Yeah the little dance Nick does looks a lot like Scout's primary taunt. I just figured that out. I used to call the taunts (not killtaunts) "victory dances@.

                                                            Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:04:22 UTC from web
                                                            1. @dezzierose ah.

                                                              Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:06:01 UTC from web
                                                              1. @miloth Yeah im a newbie..'

                                                                Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:25:52 UTC from web
                                                                1. @dezzierose I thought they were gestures at first.

                                                                  Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:30:00 UTC from web
                                                                  1. @miloth I thought they were dances. If i can actually convince him to do it, ill get him to do the dance in the costume.

                                                                    Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:41:03 UTC from web
                                                                    1. @dezzierose yeah.

                                                                      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:44:36 UTC from web
                                                                      1. @miloth I'll video it for ya if he agrees to it an if I get the chance.

                                                                        Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 21:57:23 UTC from web
                                                                        1. @dezzierose K, thanks!

                                                                          Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 00:31:50 UTC from web
                                                                      2. @miloth # .

                                                                        Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 22:48:32 UTC from web
                                                                        1. @dezzierose !eeyup

                                                                          Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 00:31:41 UTC from web
                                                                          1. @miloth Yeah, it'll be funny. He's a funny little kid.

                                                                            Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 01:22:36 UTC from web
                                                                            1. @dezzierose I think I'll laugh before the video starts.

                                                                              Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 01:23:03 UTC from web
                                                                              1. @miloth I will too! He's really REALLY popular (nobody knows why..?) and he would jump at the chance to be in a video.

                                                                                Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 01:25:52 UTC from web
                                                                                1. @dezzierose So it will seem he will mostly do it in the end.

                                                                                  Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 01:27:16 UTC from web
                                                                                  1. @miloth I guess. Tomorrow I will LOUDLY mention !teamfortress2 around him, and see if he will catch on and wonder what it is that I am mentioning so very LOUDLY. That'll get him!

                                                                                    Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 01:31:22 UTC from web
                                                                                    1. @dezzierose Do it. It'll be awesome.

                                                                                      Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 01:32:23 UTC from web
                                                                                      1. @miloth It really will. Any tips?

                                                                                        Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 02:52:24 UTC from web
                                                                                        1. @dezzierose Show him videos or something. Try to persuade him as if you had a silver tongue. *cough* @stumperman07 *cough* Dunno, do a bargain/bet where you do something, and he does something.

                                                                                          Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 18:03:52 UTC from web
                                                                                          1. @miloth Yeah. I'm with him rite now, trying to LOUDLY convince him.

                                                                                            Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:09:10 UTC from web
                                                                                            1. @dezzierose hehe.

                                                                                              Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:12:29 UTC from web
                                                                                              1. @miloth But i don't think he's catching on.

                                                                                                Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:13:42 UTC from web
                                                                                                1. @dezzierose dang.

                                                                                                  Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:15:25 UTC from web
                                                                                                  1. @miloth Any moar tips?

                                                                                                    Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:16:45 UTC from web
                                                                                                    1. @dezzierose show him some videos or something.

                                                                                                      Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:19:21 UTC from web
                                                                                                      1. @miloth Were not that close of friends..

                                                                                                        Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:20:20 UTC from web
                                                                                                        1. @dezzierose I have no idea then.

                                                                                                          Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:21:06 UTC from web
                                                                                                          1. @miloth Neither do I.. Were more frenemies..

                                                                                                            Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:23:05 UTC from web
                                                                                            2. @dezzierose Hehe.

                                                                                              Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 19:13:20 UTC from web
                                                                                              1. @miloth Yeah its gonna be hard to convince him.. I mentioned it LOUDLY near him but he didnt seem to catch on.

                                                                                                Wednesday, 28-Sep-11 21:54:29 UTC from web
    2. @thatonepony Yes. It. Is. Isn't. It.

      Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:36:06 UTC from web
    3. @thatonepony Not. Enough. Periods.

      Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:36:12 UTC from web
    4. @thatonepony Exactly. I. Taught. You. Everything. you. Know.

      Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:38:42 UTC from web
    5. @thatonepony Make. Me. Proud. Son.

      Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:41:50 UTC from web
    6. @thatonepony Yes. I. Am. Period.

      Monday, 26-Sep-11 01:44:12 UTC from web