1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @metal Oops, must have missed it. 'night!

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:49:21 UTC from web
    2. @metal It gets crazy here that we sometimes don't see posts.

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:49:23 UTC from web
    3. @metal I did

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 02:57:28 UTC from web
    4. @step not really, i've taken chem, am taking bio now but have yet to combine them, why?

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 03:02:52 UTC from web
    5. @step what is it? I still may be able to help

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 03:04:53 UTC from web
    6. @step I have taken Biochem, I'm a grad student.

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 03:06:08 UTC from web
    7. @step Oh yea, that's like the corner stone of all cell biochem. Uh, do you have Steam or something we can chat over? Add me if you do

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 03:11:19 UTC from web
    8. @step We don't need a mic, just text chat in Steam. the Citric Acid Cycle isn't THAT complicated, but it would be impossible to explain in <1000 characters on RDN

      Tuesday, 27-Sep-11 03:17:42 UTC from web