1. Part 3: # I wanted this song to reflect her time spent on the moon. The deafening solitude of her situation causes her to break down inside. The little glimmery major-chords can be like a strobe of hope in her eyes quickly extinguished by the stark realization of her situation She's on the moon and there's nothing she can do about it. tl;dr I sympathize with Luna.

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 06:52:10 UTC from web
    1. @macintosh # Daaaaayum. I'm loving this, even though I'm under the impression that Luna was trapped in Nightmare Moon's form while in the moon. -checks out song-

      Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 06:54:15 UTC from web
    2. @macintosh # Also, it bugs me that Celestia ALLOWED Nightmare Moon to become an old mare's tale. Seriously? That's your SISTER.

      Wednesday, 20-Apr-11 06:55:22 UTC from web