1. IF FRIENDSHIP IS ASSURED TO RESULT IN MAGIC, THEN YOU MUST MAKE FRIENDS! Princess Celestia said that, and I's say she knows a little more about friendship than you do pal. BECAUSE SHE INVENTED IT! THEN SHE PERFECTED IT SO THAT NO LIVING MARE COULD BEST HER IN THE RING OF KINDNESS! Then, she took her magic, gave two tickets to the Gala to everpony in Equestria, herded them into the ballroom, AND LOVED AND TOLERATED THE CRAP OUT OF EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! From that day forth everytime more than one pony was in a ballroom, IT WAS KNOWN AS THE GRAND GALLOPING GALA!!! Unless it's just a formal get together!

    Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 17:38:33 UTC from web
    1. @perry very clever 10+internets for you

      Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 18:06:53 UTC from web