1. !c I'm probably over-thinking it, but when the ponies say "Anypony", is that excluding dragons/griffons/cows? Is that why they say "Anypony" instead of "Anyone" most of the time?

    Saturday, 23-Apr-11 15:25:37 UTC from web
    1. @retl # Yes, I believe so.

      Saturday, 23-Apr-11 15:26:35 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    2. @retl Probably most likely, yes.

      Saturday, 23-Apr-11 15:28:28 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      1. @thewolverine @onixus Neat. XD I'm gonna have to remember that if I ever write a fic.

        Saturday, 23-Apr-11 15:33:57 UTC from web