1. @greydragon412 Bet they taste.. B-(.. Fishy. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! !csi #

    Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:31:16 UTC from web
    1. @dezzierose DAGNABBIT

      Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:31:56 UTC from web
    2. @greydragon412 Ohai grey!

      Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:34:12 UTC from web
    3. @greydragon412 Sorry, it was for something you said this morning.. :P

      Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:35:26 UTC from web
    4. @greydragon412 Goodish

      Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:36:10 UTC from web
    5. @greydragon412 Have you read my updated profile?

      Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:37:17 UTC from web
    6. @greydragon412 Yeah. I thought Zach would be with me forever but I guess not.

      Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:39:43 UTC from web
      1. @fluttershy321 You always have Crashy and myself dear. ^^

        Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:44:42 UTC from web
        1. @jinny I know. And Jinny. Do you mind getting rid of ZachyShy on deviant?

          Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:45:31 UTC from web
          1. @fluttershy321 Sure thing dear Ill delete it.

            Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:47:58 UTC from web
            1. @jinny Thanks

              Sunday, 20-Nov-11 23:49:18 UTC from web
    7. @greydragon412 yeah.. sorry it was a really bad joke:(

      Monday, 21-Nov-11 02:26:23 UTC from web