1. !vabronies vabeach meetup - OK, anyway, we did have pizza, two people brought rainbow cupcakes, and we watched 5 of the 6 Season 2 episodes, in between talking with a bunch of other gamers from the gaming store (mostly yugioh), got a few more people to sit and watch with us, and had discussions about how the brony phenomenon is spreading, some of the fan-art and youtube stuff. We also discussed several methods of what to better arrange for another meetup, and that the store itself will host us again, and is moving to a larger area in January. Hope that covers the gist of what happened. Looking forward to another scheduled event, and a bigger turnout. We had about a dozen people, not coun ting the few extras that sat down for an episode or so.

    Saturday, 26-Nov-11 02:00:00 UTC from web

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