1. Hey !vegasbronies I know alot of bronies are coming back for winter break can we have a meet up some time oh like dec. 30th?

    Friday, 02-Dec-11 01:45:10 UTC from web
    1. @tomraritiesfav I would love to actually do a meet-up. Unfortunately I had some design project stuff during the convention. Let's just a get a date/time solidified so people can make arrangements.

      Saturday, 10-Dec-11 09:13:08 UTC from web
    2. @tomraritiesfav Hello I am a new Brony who lives just out side of Las Vegas, will there be a meet up on the 30th? I would like to attend if possible (need a lil time to schedule some time if possible)

      Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 06:14:30 UTC from web