1. Can anyone give me suggestions on really good, really quick pony sketchers who take commissions? I need a sketch by tomorrow afternoon...

    Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:46:59 UTC from web
    1. @maxveers Whats the occasion?

      Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:48:23 UTC from web
      1. @decibel Currently a secret... There will be 7 characters, though.

        Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:49:55 UTC from web
        1. @maxveers 7OCs?

          Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:51:27 UTC from web
          1. @decibel Mmhmm. Though I might possibly be able to get away with 3...

            Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:53:08 UTC from web
            1. @maxveers Well what time zone are you in? Because it's 9:46 pm over here in the east coast.

              Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:54:41 UTC from web
              1. @decibel I'm on the West Coast. 648 right now. I reckon I've got about 26 hours...

                Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:55:38 UTC from web
                1. @maxveers Hmm, I sort of dabble in drawing but I am not that good, ok at best, otherwise I'd do it. As for a sketcher that has a clean list in 26 hours I wish you good luck on our hunt

                  Friday, 09-Dec-11 02:59:26 UTC from web