1. @purpletinker hey there, I sent you an email a few days ago but either you have been busy or it didn't get through. So just to be sure, have some copypasta: I was planning on entering the AppleII programming contest for the upcoming BronyCon. However, I have some questions: - Which emulator are you using? Any special settings? - Will the winner be announced during the con? - Will the game be shown live 'on stage'? - If so, what are the chances that someone is filming this and uploading it somwhere? Thanks already for your work, it's appreciated even though I cannot attend. Why must New York be so far away? :( Cheers!

    Tuesday, 27-Dec-11 08:31:23 UTC from web
    1. @extrememeasures Hi! Unfortunately, due to lack of response, lack of available time, and the uncertain working status of the Apple II following a leak in the storage unit, the contest has been cancelled. I do appreciate your response, though! :)

      Tuesday, 27-Dec-11 15:57:53 UTC from web
      1. @purpletinker Darn, too bad. I already managed some cool stuff but if it's broken it can't be helped. I didn't want the Apple II anyway and would have tried to get some autographs instead, given I won. Oh well, maybe some other time. Good luck with the event, though! And one of the first things I did:

        Wednesday, 28-Dec-11 10:43:41 UTC from web
        1. @extrememeasures Apple2Jack is awesome!

          Wednesday, 28-Dec-11 15:34:59 UTC from web
          1. @purpletinker I also have a game prototype lying around, Robot Unicorn Attack style. It's too slow, though, so I was about to translate it into machine code, hoping to get better results. If you are interested, I can toss you a copy of that, too. However, it's hardly pony in it's current state.

            Wednesday, 28-Dec-11 21:24:50 UTC from web
            1. @extrememeasures If you can ponify it, I can get it some press!

              Wednesday, 28-Dec-11 21:28:20 UTC from web
              1. @purpletinker It's not something that really deserves press; just some laggy game with a few pixels representing RBD. But since you liked AppleIIJack, you might like it, too. I will toss you a copy once I get back home the day after tomorrow. Happy new year until then!

                Friday, 30-Dec-11 15:42:07 UTC from web
              2. @purpletinker Happy new year! I took the Apple II game prototype and saved it as a disk image - you'll find it along with its source and a short note from me here: I hope you will have time to check it out before you head off to BC. Cheers!

                Monday, 02-Jan-12 02:18:38 UTC from web