1. Don't you all think that it would be awesome to go to the moon at night? I mean, Luna is there! Night, everypony!(possibly the only place I can post this without reinforcing the assumptions that I am gay[I am not, but I tolerate them])

    Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:07:16 UTC from web
    1. @getacutiemark NIGHT!!!! sweet Nightmares!!! (the moon is awesome)

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:08:30 UTC from web
      1. @nlghtmaremoon So I have heard...

        Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:11:39 UTC from web
    2. @abigpony Maybe I can take lessons from Pinkie Pie?

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:10:22 UTC from web
    3. @wiipony or in a parallel universe

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:10:24 UTC from web
    4. @abigpony so no deadlines for work? great!

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:10:42 UTC from web
    5. @wiipony It is truly a magical thought. One should not lose that creativity. Maybe you can write a fanfic about it! :D

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:11:22 UTC from web
    6. @abigpony fair enough... I'll go via magic. or via dreams.

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:12:05 UTC from web
    7. @wiipony that might explain the MLP physics presentation xP

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:12:24 UTC from web
    8. @wiipony Pinkie Pie shall be mine! MINE! MUAHAHAHA! She'd be the most fun to hang out with methinks =P

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:17:58 UTC from web
    9. @wiipony @tenmihara What's this? A discussion on quantum/string theory?

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:19:24 UTC from web
      1. @terminalhunter Um... maybe?

        Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:22:29 UTC from web
        1. @tenmihara well any mentioning of the multiverse brings up images of parallel strings and all sorts of fun mixings-up of the quantum soup we call reality.

          Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:23:43 UTC from web
          1. @terminalhunter I prefer the Timey Wimey theory personally =P

            Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:24:12 UTC from web
            1. @tenmihara Ah yes. Wibbly wobbly is certainly fun to say in a discussion of the very fabric of everything we know.

              Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:24:48 UTC from web
              1. @terminalhunter Glad you got that; half the time I get blank stares and 'what?'

                Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:25:43 UTC from web
                1. @tenmihara Never knew the universe could be such a soft place, what with all this foam.

                  Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:26:18 UTC from web
                  1. @terminalhunter Is that from the second half of series six? I still need to get caught up <.<

                    Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:27:16 UTC from web
                    1. @tenmihara No, quantum foam is an actual term physicists use. I still need to watch the majority of Dr. Who. My sister got me addicted to the stuff.

                      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:28:23 UTC from web
                      1. @terminalhunter Ah; how far along are you?

                        Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:30:50 UTC from web
            2. @tenmihara another favorite term of mine is the concept of "Spacetime Foam" or "Quantum Foam"

              Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:25:40 UTC from web
    10. @wiipony Always am

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:31:19 UTC from web
    11. @wiipony It's not?! What an outrage!

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:36:12 UTC from web
    12. @wiipony As you should!

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 05:48:17 UTC from web
    13. @abigpony Huh, you're right. Although I think it updates to the correct number if you refresh it. Mine jumped from *500-ish to *800-ish when I refreshed the page.

      Thursday, 12-Jan-12 06:00:17 UTC from web