1. !lyreponies I can't wait to get into Orchestra today. We just started playing the Idylls of Pegasus.

    Friday, 13-Jan-12 15:23:57 UTC from web
    1. @lightningcrash ur in orchestra class? what instrument do u play? i play in a full orchestra at school. i play the violin

      Friday, 13-Jan-12 15:25:18 UTC from web
      1. @partypinkiestyle Eeyup. And I play cello. And, as it so happens, Octavia is my... fourth favorite character in the show.

        Friday, 13-Jan-12 15:27:38 UTC from web
        1. @lightningcrash i thouhgt she played bass? im not very good at violin though. i've played it since the 5th grade and ive never practiced a day in my life

          Friday, 13-Jan-12 15:29:11 UTC from web
          1. @partypinkiestyle It might be a bass. Bass is just a bigger cello anyway. IDK. *goes to look it up*

            Friday, 13-Jan-12 15:31:12 UTC from web
            1. @lightningcrash u dont have to look it up. idk what it is. in orch class we just started playing mozart symphony #

              Friday, 13-Jan-12 15:33:26 UTC from web
              1. @partypinkiestyle Lol. We've been playing our songs for contest. "Escape the Lost City", "Deep River" and "Allegro in D"

                Friday, 13-Jan-12 15:39:26 UTC from web