1. OK, just clarifying, !solarempire is vote celestia, !newlunarrepublic is vote luna, !nmr is vote eternal night aka NMM, and, um, !everyponysings is vote music. In fact, if every group on RDN had a representitive or an acronym I could turn it into a political party. !ponitics !promote

    Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 01:16:42 UTC from web
    1. @zimzap We need propaganda. I want to have some good stuff for when the primary rolls through next month.

      Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 01:18:24 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves I'm not good at making my own stuff, but I have a pretty good amount of Vote Pony posters (most from equestria election)

        Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 01:19:58 UTC from web
        1. @zimzap I've got all those too. I should hit up the print shop.

          Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 01:21:24 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves Who are you going to vote for?

            Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 01:24:18 UTC from web
            1. @zimzap Celestia.

              Wednesday, 15-Feb-12 01:28:15 UTC from StatusNet iPhone