1. Thanks, everyone who took my survey! The Beards of Harmony was the winning idea. Have a look at the results here:

    Monday, 27-Feb-12 19:24:22 UTC from web
    1. @presentperfect For the ones that got no love, I didn't vote against the HiE one because it was HiE, but it just doesn't really have much of a premise compared to all the other options. It just doesn't have the 'hook' that the others do.

      Monday, 27-Feb-12 19:29:17 UTC from web
      1. @greatandpowerfuleaglehooves It's entirely "Present Perfect's take on HiE", and suffers from "just being HiE" as well as me having a more fleshed-out idea for an HiE fic anyway. I just thought HiE was more a "people will love anything if they love it" sort of thing. Now I know!

        Monday, 27-Feb-12 19:32:49 UTC from web
        1. @presentperfect There's a crowd over on FiMfiction that goes crazy for any that stuff. I like a good HiE now and then, I just try to have some standards (since the trope is so bucking overused), and I could tell it wasn't too fleshed out.

          Monday, 27-Feb-12 19:42:31 UTC from web