1. The Cabal has arrived.

    Monday, 04-Apr-11 23:23:56 UTC from web
    1. @scamper I'll listen to it when I am not in a public location, and/or have headphones. c:

      Monday, 09-May-11 15:58:23 UTC from web
    2. @scamper [madnath] Thanks for the link!

      Tuesday, 10-May-11 19:28:40 UTC from web
    3. @britishderpyhooves Hey this is somoking im kinda taking over our blogs now. if you want a crossover please tell us currently our podcast has a line up of guests so it would be better if we appeared on yours. if you want to contact us please use our email

      Friday, 19-Aug-11 04:25:15 UTC from web