1. !uk !southwest Got my tickets booked for the Exeter Brony Meet Up tomorrow :D Off peak return for £25, my friend may or may not be coming, if he is he'll meet me at the station tomorrow :) (Not sure if I mentioned a friend of mine may or may not be coming or not yet)

    Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:04:31 UTC from web
    1. @leonkfox Which train are you taking? If it's the 9-ish one to Penzance, I'll be on there xD

      Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:05:32 UTC from web
      1. @scribbs It departs from Bristol Temple Meads at 09:44, so we'll be on different trains this time, assuming you mean leaving from Temple Meads at 9pm as opposed to your own station.

        Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:22:42 UTC from web
        1. @leonkfox The one I'm one leaves Bristol at 9:17, so yeah, we'll be on seperate trains this time :c

          Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:24:44 UTC from web
          1. @scribbs Sorry about that dude ^^; Ah well, it was a freaky coincidence last time anyway xD We'd never have known if you hadn't contacted me on here via your phone.

            Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:25:53 UTC from web
            1. @leonkfox Yeah, at least I can spend more time listening to pony music in preparation x3

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:26:20 UTC from web
            2. @leonkfox Won't beat the hour long conversation we had on the train, though xD

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:26:39 UTC from web
              1. @scribbs Yeah, that was pretty sweet, not to mention spontaneous as said conversation hadn't been counted on happening xD

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:30:05 UTC from web
    2. @leonkfox Oh yeah, I actually tried to watch that blog you did of you guys at the meet up, but it was set to "private"

      Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:12:06 UTC from web
      1. @purplephish20 I set it to Private for various reasons. What's your YouTube username? I'll set it so that you can see it. (and DM you the link as well)

        Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:17:55 UTC from web
        1. @leonkfox mind if i can see it dan? :/

          Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:18:34 UTC from web
          1. @cavatina Certainly :) I just didn't know that you wanted to. What was your YouTube username again?

            Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:19:14 UTC from web
            1. @leonkfox DJtizedGames

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:19:31 UTC from web
              1. @cavatina Thanks :) Will add it and DM you a link.

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:20:58 UTC from web
              2. @cavatina Are you coming to tomorrow's? :)

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:21:37 UTC from web
                1. @leonkfox nope, sorry...

                  Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:22:41 UTC from web
                  1. @cavatina Aw, sorry to hear that :(

                    Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:23:04 UTC from web
        2. @leonkfox On YouTube im just purplephish2

          Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:21:27 UTC from web
          1. @purplephish20 You like fanfiction? o-o

            Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:21:55 UTC from web
          2. @purplephish20 Thanks :)

            Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:22:48 UTC from web
          3. @purplephish20 @cavatina Added your guys' names to the video, DMing you links to it now.

            Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:23:55 UTC from web
            1. @leonkfox Yay! Thank you

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:24:28 UTC from web
              1. @purplephish20 Just done it. :)

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:24:49 UTC from web
            2. @leonkfox @purplephish20 @cavatina It is a good video, you even have my ugly face and stupid voice in there a lot xD

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:25:17 UTC from web