1. Where? Doubletree hotel or Austin Community Center are the places we're considering renting Food will run like this People will pay for booths to sell food and keep what money they make and/or we could have catering (will increase ticket cost). Same thing for art and pony swag Entertainment we'll have to work out I think Flaedr, Pixel Bass, All levels at once (<-- HUGE maybe, he does live in Austin), and Royal Canterlot Voice might be available for our locating There will be karaoke We will attempt to get guest speakers. Tickets: The price will depend on the amount of attendees, we need to balance out ticket sales with renting costs. Theme: GRAND GALLOPING GALA <--- Not exactly sure how important this is. Formal wear, bring a date if you want to. <--- Don't think formal wear is happening. The date is August 4th. <--- THIS IS IMPORTANT

    Friday, 13-Apr-12 04:20:19 UTC from web
    1. @pixelbass Austin Texas BronyCon!

      Friday, 13-Apr-12 04:20:31 UTC from web
      1. @pixelbass Survey if you please:

        Friday, 13-Apr-12 04:21:51 UTC from web