1. Painting club just closed,and I got a second box of Sternguard Space Marine Veterans :) Was nice to get my mind off of things. Had my 3G turned off for the duration of it, it was nice to be off the grid for a little while and focus on painting/chatting. #

    Saturday, 14-Apr-12 19:11:13 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    1. @leonkfox ever play magic?

      Saturday, 14-Apr-12 19:14:20 UTC from web
      1. @derpy128 Magic the Gathering? I've contemplated it and know a shop that sells cards for it, but I've not actually gone ahead with it yet. Why do you ask?

        Saturday, 14-Apr-12 20:50:00 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        1. @leonkfox just wondering. and also, altough it gets expensive with the massive amount of deck building and buying expansion packs ect. its very fun and easy to play once you learn.

          Monday, 16-Apr-12 22:31:39 UTC from web